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An Index for the Yoga Vasistha

Introduction to an Index

It is the daily reading of the Yoga Vasistha that will finally clear the mind. Because it is so nuanced and culturally alien to the western mind, it will force the dedicated reader to concentrate, to meditate. There are jewels in this scripture, but they must be mined. Eventually, a day without this reading will be achingly long.

This Index is merely a tool. Its quick perusal is of no value as a replacement for the daily reading. Within the Index, further notes in this color are comments from this reader or are from the dictionary. All other words (in this color) are from the Yoga Vasistha and are presented with page references to the Unabridged English translation of the Yoga Vasistha by Swami Venkatesananda, entitled Vasistha's Yoga.

It is . . . childish and ignorant (to) talk of duality and non-duality; the enlightened ones laugh at all this. However, without such a discussion based on duality and non-duality it is not possible to clean one's consciousness of ignorance. It is only in that spirit that I have dealt with all this, dear friend.


A through C (Abandon through Creation)

D through H (Death through Homogeneity)

I through O (Ignorance through Objects)

P through W (Polemics through World)

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