The Yoga Vasistha


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When the infinite vibrates, the worlds appear to emerge. 


Vibration and consciousness are inseparably one.


The world appearance is an appearance that arises in consciousness:  the very word 'appearance' rules out any positive investigation of it.



This declaration from the text seems to suggest an examination of the meaning of 'appearance' through its etymon.  (see About Etymons)


        (Latin)   Ad --> Ap = to

                     Parere = to show oneself

The homogenous mass of cosmic consciousness does not give rise to anything other than what it is in essence.

. . . perceive the world as it is, as the infinite consciousness infinitely displayed. . . .


        (Sanskrit)  Vep = to tremble


A periodic motion of particles. . .from the position of equilibrium when that equilibrium has been disturbed. (Webster's)

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String Theory is the recognition of the underlying nature of matter as vibratory strings. 

The ancient book, The Yoga Vasistha, describes the nature of time/space/form and the perceiving consciousness in a manner completely compatible with cutting edge scientific thought. From the book:

"When the infinite vibrates, the worlds appear to emerge. When it does not, the worlds appear to submerge. . . . Vibrating or not vibrating, it is the same everywhere at all times. . . . They (the vibrations) are interwoven and mixed up so effectively that they cannot be extricated from one another 'til the cosmic dissolution."

Brane  Theory

Branes are membrane-like surfaces in higher dimensions that can be infinitely large but remain undetectable to everyday senses. They are a discontinuity in space/time and appear to create a boundary.

Although purportedly derived from the word 'membrane', the word 'brane' is homophonically linked to 'brain' ~ is that the only link?

From the Yoga Vasistha:

In . . .infinite consciousness, there are countless universes which do not know of one another's existence. Page 77

The mind experiences what it itself has projected out of itself. By that it is bound. Page 174

". . .reality is veiled by the mind and revealed when the mind ceases." Page 175

Something which cannot be described exists. Page 528


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