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This glyph represents three stages in the emergence of duality.  First is the 'I' or ego.  This is followed by duality. In duality, objects (alluded to by the third component of the icon) are perceived.

bullet Consciousness is reflected in consciousness and the reflection assumes independence.  


The one infinite consciousness which is of the nature of pure bliss, is eclipsed by the shadow of the ego-sense.


Once again, etymons reveal deeper meanings.  (See About Etymons)


        (Latin) absolutus = to set free

       Perfect     (Webster's)

The state above and the state below are, of course,  mutually exclusive.


        (Latin) re = back

         latus   pp of ferre = to carry back, refer

The state of being dependent for existence on (or determined in nature, value, or quality by relation to) something else.    (Webster's)

The absolute Brahman is omnipotent:  there is nothing outside of it.  It is his own power or energy that pervades all things.

Consciousness thus becomes its own object . . . it evolves within itself time and space.


Object  (Latin) objectum = to throw in the way

Bondage is none other than the notion of an object.

There are no two things here in this universe:  the one infinite consciousness alone shines in all names and forms.

Find the word roots interesting? Read About Etymons. And, see More Etymons.

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